Named after the French space program and rocket - a reference to ever-changing and evolving technology - ARIAN 1 took shape in 1992 in the city of Lima by brothers Eduardo and Cesar Leiva. They began as most musicians of the time, in garage bands, trying out the different trends and sounds of the underground scene. Their experiments with different styles of electronic music led them to converge on a style that would later be defined as "EBM.

The band is one of the longest living and most successful electro projects in Latin America. They was back to scene in 2007 with the single "Machine Gun" (a limited edition release that included a CD + 1 DVD under TDV label - Peru), then in 2009 presented the "Evolution CD" via the sponsor of Skyshield operations (Peru), and then in 2010 the last album entitled "Immersion" by orion records (chile) and Black Rain group (Germany), bringing with them raw EBM sounds along with the best of new electro and making this album one of ground-shaking proportions.

The last album called "Immersion" summarizes a musical activity that comes from years of production, observation and participation, along with many rehearsals and live concerts.

Arian 1 was the first band from Peru who gave a presentation in the 20th aniversary - 2011 Wave Gothic Treffen @Leipzig-Germany bringing an unforgettable presentation, and from that time to 2013 the band decided to take a break. Now the band is working on a new Album expected to deploy at the end of 2014.
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